Marketing deception and its reflection on consumer protection: An analytical Study of the views of a sample of tourists dealing with Travel and tourism companies in the city of Sulaimani


This study aims to identify the practices of marketing deception and its impact on the protection of consumers in the travel and tourism companies in the city of Sulaimani. It is noted that this subject has been interested by researchers and responsible for the protection of consumers and consumer protection associations in foreign countries government, while this subject has not received sufficient attention in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region privately. The problem of this research is abbreviated on the expectation that there are several cases of fraud and deception aimed at consumers through the goods and services provided to them, but in fact, it was designed to be exploited them, which requires actions to protect them and make them aware of the concept of deception of marketing which regarding the responsibility from the government as well as consumer protection associations.After a review of the literature the theoretical concepts, hypothesis and the model were written based on practices of marketing deception in the tourism industry practices, a questionnaire to collect the data has been design and the development of standards were done, It has been distributed (62) questionnaire form on a sample of tourists who travelled with travel and Tourism companies in the city of Sulaimani. It has been used several methods including statistical Cronbach's alpha and arbitrators to make sure honesty and stability, and to identify the impact and the correlation between these two variables, It used also simple correlation analysis and simple linear regression. The results showed a strong positive correlation between deception marketing practices and consumer protection. Based on the results a number of recommendations were presented which are related to practices of marketing deception, there were also a number of recommendations to other service institutions and for future studies in this area.