Determinate of Industrial Exports in south Asia country (study case)


This study sheds light on Industrial exports determinants are mostly based on cntrouy specific factors in Malaysia as export expansion schemes, subsidies, foreign exchange etc. The present study aims to find out the internal and external determinants of Industrial exports Growth and promotion in Malaysia . In this study we will follow panel data estimation for the period (1980-2014) of Malaysia.However, Industrial exports, have come to play a vital role in the first Manufactured Growth and Economic development of Malaysia due to its contribution to the accumulation of foreign exchange necessary for financing development projects and for its forward and backward linkage prospects to other sectors of the economy. However, the process of export promotion in the developing countries is influenced by many factors some of which are domestic like the structure of national industry, the relative domestic price proportions and the government industrial and commercial policies. Other factors are associated with the external price structure of imported raw material and physical capital. foreign exchange systems, competitive foreign prices of similar exported goods and the relevant importing countries policies such as protective tariff policies, common market policies and policies for exports of technology. Within this context in a Newly Industrialized economieslike Malaysia,the need arises for empirical studies to be conducted on the growth pattern of Manufactured products measuring and analyzing all factors affecting such growth whether dealing with supply and demand forces or relative domestic and external factors of production prices or national and foreign governments industrial and commercial policies. The objective of this research is to identify the most statistically significant factors affecting the growth of manufacture products. analyze the important elements justifying significant relationships. Conclusions and recommendations of relevant policies to enhance the pace of growth of Malaysia Manufactured exports are finally drawn Export growth in Malaysia has been much faster than GDP growth over the past few decades ,Several factors appear to have contributed to this phenomenon including foreign direct investment (FDI) oriented to export ,technology progress, and succeed export policy . Finally this study try to find those factory (fdi,forgen exchange,term trade ,industrial sector size,technology progress,and financial crises) effect from Industrial exports .