Sustainable Development and its Achievement Requirement in Iraq


Sustainable development has become a tactic of development methods required by modern life, Has acquired a large regional and international attention, and been made in this direction vigorous and sustained efforts in many international bodies and organizations have contributed as well as experts and scholars interested in the environment and development, , And when Iraq was suffering from a deterioration in the economic, social and security situation have combined together to pose real challenges to development and cause the greatest impact to the environment and in particular Matter on wars and acts of terrorism which is right a lot of the pollution of soil, water and air as well as that the phenomenon of desertification accommodate vegetation recede and the levels of rivers decline with the failure of the sewage system and the release of large amounts of factory waste to direct the course of rivers, , Sustainable development in Iraq, is facing the challenges of a large variety and obstacles need to be mechanisms of action and the will to achieve them honest which requires the preparation of a national strategy for sustainable development is on according to sound scientific criteria and based on the actual ingredients available.