Orthodontic Treatment of Unilateral Impacted Complete Transposed Maxillary Canine and Impacted Dilacerated Maxillary central incisor


Aims: The purpose of this article was to present a case of surgical exposure and orthodontic reposition of impacted dilacerated maxillary left central incisor. Also surgical exposure of impacted maxillary left canine followed by orthodontic treatment of canine-lateral incisor complete transposition. result : this article describe the treatment of a teenager girl who had impactions of the maxillary left central incisor and canine as well as canine-lateral incisor transposition. The dilacerated impacted central incisor was uncovered and orthodonticaly extruded into the dental arch. Then the impacted canine was surgically exposed and orthodonticaly moving the tooth palately then distally to brought it into its normal position. Conclusion : concurrent impaction and transposition of maxillary anterior teeth is uncommon and poses a challenge for the dentist. Early diagnosis and management of eruption disturbances give us both esthetic and functional outcome benefits