Use of solid waste lignin in the reinforcement of UF-R system


Abstract Condensation polymerization at temperature 105ºC and PH range (7.5-8) was used for the reaction between urea and formaldehyde to produce polymeric adhesive. Different mass ratio (12-30)g *RD/g UF of resorcinol are used as bonding catalyst ( an adhesion promoter) for UF-lignin solid waste fibers system as curing binary system of adhesive for wood/wood laminate . Mechanical properties such as impact strength, bending test have been measured .The result shows that all these properties are increased when percentage of bonding catalyst material is increased for adhesive-fiber system at different arrangement. It was found that the improved sample **(R20c/UF) of resorcinol and woven roving arrangement for solid waste lignin which appear for both impact and bending test ( 11 J/cm , 0.7 mm ) respectively . *RD different resorcinol**R20 c sample (3) and woven roving, reinforcement