Response of Four Sunflower Genotype (Helianthus Annuus L.) to Different Planting Dates


Field experiment was carried out at Sora-Imdaina during the seasons of 2017 to study the response of four Sunflower genotypes (Shomos, Aqmar, Tarsan 1018 and Lilo) to different planting dates (1th, 15th and 30th of March 2017) included growth, yield, yield components and quality. Results showed that genotypes were significantly different in growth, yield and quality characters. The genotype of Shomos was superior in all the growth characters. Furthermore, head diameter, number of seeds in disc (1225 seed disc -1), 1000 seeds weight 63.01 g, yield of seeds (3766 Kg h-1), and harvest index. The first planting date has been exceeding in most growth characters while, Furthermore, first date was outstanding in number of seeds disc-1 (1106 seed disc-1), weight of 1000 seeds (54.24g), seed yield (3260 Kg h-1), and, harvest index % Interaction between genotype and planting dates affected significantly all growth characters. Genotypes Shomos in first planting dates gave the highest rate of plant height and the number of seeds disc-1(1342 seed disc-1). Shomos genotype showed superiority in second plant date in leaf area and leaf area index, as well as, this genotype also exceeded in first and second dates in total yield (4191 and 4231 Kg h-1) respectively. It also revealed superiority in the second planting date in weight of 1000 seeds (71.43 g).