Obstacles to the creative performance of the teachers of mathematics in the elementary primary schools in Hebron, from their point of view


This study aims at investigating obstacles of creativity performance of mathematics teachers in the high primary schools at Hebron district as perceived by teachers themselves. It also aims to identify these obstacles due to some variables (gender, scientific qualifications and years of experience). The descriptive analysis method was used in this study. Researchers constructed a questionnaire to collect data and they assured its validity and reliability through using scientific procedures. The researchers used Cronbach Alpha (0.79) to validate the questionnaire. Population of the study consisted of 809 male and female teachers from high primary schools of Hebron. 40% of this population was chosen randomly as a sample of the study. Findings showed that obstacles of creativity performance of science teachers came in a medium degree with a mean of (3.33) according to the five-domain Likert Scale of. Results also showed statistically significant differences between subjects’ responses about the obstacles facing mathematics teachers in creativity performances attributed to gender. There were no statistically significant differences attributed to scientific qualifications and year of experience.