Effect of Interactive Learning on the Development of The Student’s Performance in Spiking Skill in Volleyball


The study aims at the preparation of a learning programme using the method of interactive learning for the development of the students’ spiking skill in volley ball. The researchers have used the experimental approach with two groups an experimental group(EG) and a control group(CG) because the approach is suitable to the research.The population of the research comprises the second year students at the College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences / University of Baghdad during the academic year 2016-2017. The 165 students at this stage are distributed on seven classes two of which (F and G) are randomly selected, the former for the CG and the latter for EG. Each of these classes consists of 18 students, However two of the students in the EG were exempted from the research for absence bringing down the number of the subjects in the group to 18. Thus the final number of the sample is 36 students.The homogeneity of the sample was ensured since the skill depends on the student’s height and weight, whereas equivalence was made through the Pre-Test.The method of interactive learning was applied by forming a group on the social media through which footages and information about the skill were exchanged among the students and the teacher about the nature of the performance with conversations taking place about the subject and all that has to do with the learning of the skill. This lasted for a period of one month with an average of one lecture per week in accordance with the college programme.The Post-Test was then carried out to obtain the data which was statistically analyzed to get the results.The researchers have concluded that the existence of variation and the development of the teaching methodswill enhance and develop the skilled performance. The researchers recommend that it is necessary to make use of modern technologies and the social media in the teaching of the various skills,