Professional Competence and Its Relationship to Administrative Creativity for Principals at Primary Schools


This research aims to measure the professional competence for Primary Schools Principles and know the range that professional competence has contributed in administrative creativity for them. In order to achieve this, the researcher constructed measurement for professional competence, which consisted of (42) items divided into three field (planning, implementation and evaluation) with (14) items for each field constructed in a report phrases structure and in in front of each item five choices for answering. The researcher checked discrimination index for the measurement items and face validity and validity construction by using Alpha-Cronbach equitation. The researcher implemented the measurement on (249 male and female) Principles at Primary Schools of the General Directorate of the Education/Diyala in District of Baqubah and were chosen by random method according to the variables of one type and duration of service and analyzed the data using Statistical means for Social Sciences SPSS. The results showed the following: that the Principles at Primary Schools have a good character of professional competence and there is no trace between type and duration of service in administrative creativity for the Principles. The researcher recommended several recommendations: some are the importance of enhancing the interest in holding training courses prepared by special committees at the Ministry of Education to develop and train school Principals periodically to enhance their competence and develop their creative performance. The researcher suggested: conducting administrative creativity study and its relation to other variables such as cultural awareness.