Detection of clinical and subclinical mastitis in dairy cows of Diyala Province, Iraq


Mastitis continues to be one of the economically most important diseases in dairy farming. The present study conducted to investigate the clinical mastitis at cow and quarter level based on clinical signs and direct / indirect tests for subclinical mastitis in dairy cows in different area of Diyala Province, from November 2013 to April 2014. The total number of samples is 100 from 25 dairy cows. These samples is tested to physical and chemical examination, as well as Somatic cell count (SCC) and bacteriological examination. Eight (32%) of twenty five cows suffered abnormalities in consistency of milk in which clot, straw color, redness and non-symmetrical quarter of udder.Whenever, 68% of cows passing subclinical mastitis. The result show significant difference at (p<0.05) represented by AMT (88%), WST (85%), chloride test (100%), increased pH (80%) and (97%) SCC.