Impact of Marzano's teaching method in beating skill of volleyball


The study included five chapters containing the first chapter Introduction to the research and importance. The research problem has been summarized in the lack of use of modern methods, methods and models to keep abreast of recent developments in addition to it does learning and thinking patterns of students, and fit in many times The current research aims to prepare a curriculum Marzano model to teach the skill of beating in volleyball students second stage College of Physical Education and Sports Science - University of Basra. The hypothesis of the research is the existence of significant differences between the results of tribal and remote tests in the development of the skills. The second chapter (theoretical studies and similar studies) and all related to the Marzano model as well as the basic skills in volleyball. The third chapter included (the methodology of research and field procedures), where the researcher addressed to the method used is the experimental method of the type of equal groups. The sample of the research was also the students of second stage in the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Sciences - Basrah University for the academic year 2016-2017. In addition to the statistical methods used to achieve the objective and hypothesis of the study, while the fourth chapter included the presentation results, analysis and discussion, including the presentation results of the tribal and remote tests of the control and experimental groups of the skill in Chapter V conclusions and recommendations, recommended researcher to take advantage of the model Marzano In the educational unit for volleyball, which distinguishes the model from the creation of positive education and make room for the formation of new ideas and decision-making using information generated by the student.