Effect of Ballistic and Plyometric exercises in development of explosive capacity and accuracy of Foil


The research problem, slow movement of arms and feet during the process of movement performance, therefore it affects the movement and through the observation of researcher found that the training process for physical abilities in training module few or are mostly according to judgments and self-judgments or On the previous experiences without resorting to the scientific basis in their training, therefore these things are clear through the slow speed of player and his movement, especially in lung skills, researcher used the experimental method. The experiment was conducted by the two clubs of Kerbala, (10) fencers. The exercises were carried out by the researcher on the research sample. These exercises were based on scientific sources and references interested in training science. The explosive ability of the arms and legs and the skill of accuracy of foil and found that these exercises have a positive impact in the development of these variables and positively, especially the Plyometric exercises which had a positive impact in the development of explosive capacity, which in turn helps to develop the accuracy of movement and lunge.