The Role of Argumentative Indicators in Tracing Argumentation; Chomsky's "The Case Against U.S. Adventurism in Iraq" as a Case Study


Along the history, politicians' success relates to their skilful use of language so that they may persuade their audiences with their standpoints. Politicians trade in discourse, arguments, speeches, pamphlets and so on. The way they express their thoughts determines who they are and whether they will succeed in their profession. Language is utilised in political matters to unify, organise and criticise in order to show a political viewpoint. Politics has a relation with power i.e., the power to have decisions, to affect other people's behaviour. Any writer has a kind of rebel to express his private political opinions. In our age, there is no keeping out of politics, for all issues are political ones in case that politics is a mass of lies, folly, hatred, etc. The writers and politicians are required to choose their words and utterances with great care, paying close attention to meaning. So is the case with Noam Chomsky, the American linguist and politician, who attempts to shed some light and express his standpoint on the debatable topic of the American invasion to Iraq in 2003. The present paper studies his article" The Case Against US Adventurism in Iraq".