Transport of light nonaqueous phase liquid in a saturated nonhomogeneous Soil


The purpose of the present research is to study the dissolution and transport of LNAPL (toluene) from a circular pool in heterogeneous sand soil. An aquifer was constructed to conduct this aim with dimension of (100 * 50 * 30) cm. The aquifer was packed with heterogeneous sand soil. Eight points at three depths along the aquifer were selected for sampling procedures. Samples were analysis for toluene concentration using gas chromatography devise. Three velocities of five were selected to explain the transport phenomena. Statistical analysis was applied to the data to find the correlation between measured concentrations. It was found that, the concentrations of toluene were fluctuated in the low and max porous medium flow velocities (0.408 and 5.118) cm/day effect of flow through porous media on. The statistical analysis showed that there a correlation between concentrations of toluene in the vertical direction (depth) of the medium.