The role of Iraqi Supreme federal Court in protecting the right of private property


The control over the constitutionality of laws needs to have a constitution and call on the rest of the other legal rules in the state, and this is not enough unless there is the point of the exercise of control over the laws to the extent of its agreement with the provisions of the Constitution. That this party should have full independence in the face of the public authorities of the state so that it can play its role to the maintenance of constitutional rules and protect the right to private property and look the importance of judicial control over the acts of the legislature the issuance of several court rulings declared unconstitutional some legal texts that are given as constraints on private property the requirements of economic, political or social, the importance of these provisions that they keep pace with economic and social developments prevailing in modern society and the outlook for the state to private ownership, it is also a clear sign of a change in the legal concept of the right to private property.