Smartphone Addiction among Nursing College Students in Kirkuk University


Background: Today's smartphones have become like the shadow of life. Many of us cannot give up or reduce their use despite awareness of side effects of it.Aim of the study: To find out relationship of smartphone addiction among Kirkuk nursing undergraduate students with variables underlining in the study.Methods: Quantitative study (descriptive design) was implemented on undergraduate students in University Kirkuk College of nursing from all four years of study, during the period from (10 March 2017 up to 1 April 2018).To measure the variables underlying the present study, cluster sampling (probability sampling) is executed to select 204 students. The Smartphone Addiction Scale questionnaire had used in this study. The Data was analyzed through Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) version 22 and the analysis included descriptive (Frequencies and Percentages) and inferential procedures (t- test and ANOVA).Results: by using t- test the finding shows highly significant differences between gender and type of the study in compare with Smartphone addiction at p value (=0.007) and (=.001) consequently, and non-significant relationship with having chronic disease at p value (= 0.49). On the other hand by using ANOVA, the result find-out that the age was significant in comparing with Smartphone addiction and Self-report of Smartphone addiction was highly significant in comparing with Smartphone addiction. On the other hand, marital status, Years of Study and Economic Status were statistically nonsignificant. Conclusion: The present study figured out that Smartphone addiction in male students was higher in compare with female students, and Morning students were less addictive on smartphone. Moreover, Smartphone addictions showed significant relationship with Student age's and Self-report of Smartphone addiction.Recommendations: Customizing seminars or debates about Smartphone addiction for students in universities. And performing other studies on Smartphone addiction in associated with the physical and psychological problems.