The impact of an innovative program based on the space of Makerspace in developing the skills of innovative thinking and achievement of talented students in Riyadh


The current research aimed to investigate the impact of a Makerspace-based enrichment program on the development of innovative thinking and achievement skills among gifted students in Riyadh. The researcher adopted the following two tools: A measure of innovative thinking and cognitive achievement test (both by the researcher).The research sample included gifted students at Almanahej private schools in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. This research is based on the developmental approach in educational technology, and the semi-experimental method of the one group with the pre-post test was used. The research lead to a proposed model for the construction of enrichment programs based on the Makerspace composed of six main stages: (Program analysis, Project planning, Project design, Project implementation, Evaluation of the outputs of Makerspace and Development and follow-up of students). The research resulted in the effectiveness of the enrichment program based on Makerspace in the development of creative thinking skills and achievements of gifted students in Riyadh.