Ultra violet spectrophotometric analysis of Paracetamol, Diclofenac and Tramadol drugs in mixture


The aim of this research was develop and validate an analytical method by Uv spectrophotometric technique for quantitative determination of paracetamol (PAR), diclofenac or voltarine (DIC) and tramadol or tramal (TRA) in tablet dosage form, paracetamol analysis is based on the absorbance maxima were found to be at 243 nm when dissolved in 0.1N H2SO4 as a sample and in 0.1N NaOH solution as a blank,. Quantitative of PAR in sample is achieved by standard addition methods and three ways calculations were used to estimate the amount in the tablet, the expected content per tablet were equal to (365.60, 361.984, 358.415 mg) and the results were acceptable when compared with original quantity in tablet(350 mg). The method was compared with standard curved method, showed that it is obeyed Beer – lambert law in the concentration range of 0.1–1 µg/ml for standard addition and standard curve methods, with a correlation coefficient of 0.9980 and o.9944. The limit of detection (LOD) for PAR was 0.036 µg/ml while limit of quantitation (LOQ) 0.119 µg/ml, the recovery of three procedure A, B, C of standard addition and standard curve were (104.40, 103.42, 102.40 and 92.995 %) for PAR ,it was found that the results obtained from the standard addition method were better than the result obtained from the standard curve method.The amount of (DIC) and (TRA) drug in tablet sample calculated depending on the absorbance (A) at 273 nm to give the value 47.44 mg and 47.6 mg per tablet are acceptable when compared with the value of the original quantity in tablet (50mg) and the recovery of the method was found to be (95.2 and 96.0 % ) respectively, the principle of the method based on the (A) of mixture at this λ is a total A of the two drugs, which owns different intensity at this λ at different percentages and that apply to the sample and standard for this drugs. Finally this can applied successfully for routine analysis.