Effect study of buffalo and goat milk on the level of lipids uoO Upoptoteins in the blood serum offemale rats treated with PhosPhoric acid


AbstractThe cunent study included estimating the lipicls and lipoproteins level in theblood serum of laboratory rats' females those treated with phosphoric acid and notingbuflalo and goat milk inlluence in these parameters' This study was conducted on aherd of buffalo and another of goat in Dhi-Qar province-south of Iraq' The results ofthisstudyshowedsignificantincreaseinthelevelofcholesetrole'triglyceridesTG'low density lipoproteins LDL, very low density lipoproteins VLDL and level ofatherogenic index for the second group(phosphoric acid group) compared with thefirst group(control group).While the results showed signifrcant decrease in the levelof"t-ot"r.tot", TG, LDL,WDL and lovel of atherogenic index for the groups third(buffalo milk group), fourth (goat milk group) 'fifttr(phosphoric acid + buffalo milkgroup)and sixth(phosphoric acid + goat milk group) oompared with the secondioopipno.pt ori" aciJ group) and increase significantly in high density lipoproteinsffOi i". rft" groups third and sixth compared with the second group'