Effect of plasmapheresis on panel reactive antibodies in kidney transplant candidates


Panel reactive antibody (PRA) is one of the tests used to assess the degree of sensitization before kidney transplant, and plasmapheresis is one of the measures used for desensitization. In this study we assessed the role of plasmapheresis as a desensitizing measure. This study was conducted in the medical city complex in Baghdad, Iraq; for the whole year 2012, enrolling patients attending the lab. of the nephrology and kidney transplant centre recording their PRA readings before and after plasmapheresis ( for those with PRA >=20%); in addition to date, age, sex, blood group and whether or not they had been previously transplanted. Data were analyzed using chi square and pair T-test. A 179 patients enrolled, 35 (19.6%) of them had positive PRA test, 12 reading were 20% or more; and were rechecked after plasmapheresis with no significant difference. A part from history of previous transplant; none of the other factors showed significant association with PRA levels In conclusion, no significant effect of plasmapheresis on the levels of PRA.