Synthesis and Characterization of the Ligand 2-[(6-Nitro-2-benzothiazolyl )azo]-4,6-dimethylphenol (6-NBTADMP) and It's Complexes with Fe(II), Co(III), Ni(II), Cu(II), Zn(II), Cd(II), Pd(II) and Ag(I) Ions


Abstract A new ligand 2-[(6-Nitro-2-benzothiazolyl)azo]-4,6-dimethylphenol (6-NBTADMP = HL) has been synthesized by coupling diazotized 2-amino-6-nitrobenzothiazole with 2,4-dimethylphenol in alkaline alcoholic solution. Metal complexes have the general formula [FeL2], [CoL2]Cl . H2O, [NiL2], [CuL H2O]Cl, [ZnL2], [CdL2]. H2O, [PdLCl], and [AgL H2O] . H2O, were synthesized from thiazolylazo ligand and metal chloride ( sulfate for Fe(II) and nitrate for Ag(I) ) in 1:1 molar ratio (metal:ligand) for Cu(II) , Pd(II) and Ag(I) and 1:2 for the rest metal ions. Based on elemental analysis, molar conductivity, magnetic susceptibility data, IR and UV-Vis spectra. The data show that the ligand coordinates to the metal ion νia phenolate O, azo N and with thiazole N atoms. All complexes are insoluble in water but these are soluble in common organic solvents such as acetone, DMF and DMSO. According to results obtained the geometry for the complexes was suggested.