Testing the Agreement among Three Free Accessibility Evaluation Tools: A Case Study of Iraqi Public Universities


The huge development in the websites and continuous exchange of the information led to more consideration of the websites accessibility. There are many accessibility-based on studies conducted throughout the world. However, the existing literature lacks a study on the assessment of accessibility to the Iraqi universities websites. Accordingly, this study measured the accessibility to websites of 36 Iraqi public universities listed in the official webpage of the Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education. Furthermore, it explored the relationships among three free web accessibility tools, namely Web Accessibility Versatile Evaluator, EIII Page Checker and Access Monitor, to test their agreement in terms of the accessibility results. These three free tools were used to evaluate the accessibility of the Iraqi universities websites. Statistical Package for the Social Sciences was used to analyze the results. The results of the three tools showed that the issue of accessibility is ignored by the webmasters of websites under the study. In addition, this study presented agreement among the three tools in terms of results.