The effect of treatment by L-carnitine for infertile men on semen parameters


L-Carnitine (LC) is highly concentrated in the epididymis and plays a crucial role in sperm metabolism and maturation.They are related to sperm motility and have antioxidant properties. The objective of this review is to summarize the multiple roles played by LC in male reproduction, and to highlight their limitations as well as their benefits in the treatment of male infertility. A variety of studies support the conclusion that LC at total daily amounts of at least 500mg per day can significantly improve both sperm concentration and total sperm counts among men with astheno – or oligoasthenozoospermia. Although many clinical trials have demonstrated the beneficial effects of LC in selected cases of male infertility. Additional, a well – designed study is necessary to further validate the use of carnitines in the treatment of patients with male infertility, specifically in men with poor semen quality .