Scientific Miraculousness in the Descriptions of the Sky in the Holy Quran


The research tackles the difference between scientific interpretation and scientific miraculousness. The research plan includes two dimensions: the first one clarifies what scientific miraculousness means, its importance and rooting. The second dimension deals with the descriptions of the sky in the Holy Quran. Then the research concludes with the following results: a. There are multiple facets of the Quranic scientific miraculousness for example it is a miracle for the native speakers of Arabic language in its style, rhetoric and statement, and also for the other non native people of the language in its universal signs and signals b. Quran gives many descriptive properties to the sky that sciences were. unable to give prior to that knowledge. c..The Qur'an drags people to the components of the outer space and how they move in precise and accurate movements. Allah devotes both the sky and the earth to worship him, and He states, in his book, the names of sky and other stars , such as the sun, the moon and others. Allah has magnified the sky and elevated it to its current position and place in which all the solar system move accurately and specifically in it