Effect Of Cdte Nanoparticles On Linear And Nonlinear Optical Property Of Polyvinyl Alcohols PVA Film


Abstract:Linear and nonlinear optical properties of Polyvinyl Alcohol thin film doped with cadmiumtelluride nanoparticles have been investigated experimentally. CdTe nanoparticles were produced indistilled water by pulsed laser ablation method under Nd-YAG laser at (100 mJ, 1064nm, 10ns, 6Hz, and100 laser shots). AFM images were used to study the nanoparticles after ablation. XRD pattern and UV–Vis spectroscopy data were used to extract the structure and optical properties of films. Z-scan techniquewas employed to characterize of nonlinear optical properties of the films. The results of close-aperture zscandata suggested that PVA/CdTe nanocomposite film included a nonlinear refractive index with anegative sign, meaning the occur of self-defocusing phenomenon. While, open-aperture z-scan data clearlysuggested two-photon absorption as the dominant nonlinear absorption mechanism. The nonlinear propertyof PVA film was found increasing and strongly after added nanoparticles in them.