The Study of Refractive-Index Structure Coefficient Behavior Derived from Two Weather Stations at Baghdad City


Refractive –Index Structure Coefficient c_µ^2 behavior derived between horizontal points over at Baghded city was studied during the days containing different weather conditions where we used a horizontal relation to calculate c_µ^2 between two points where we considered the first point Al-Mustansiyah university and the second point Iraqi Meteorological Organization and Seismic Monitoring (IMOSM).This provided us with data from the automatic weather station installed mounted near (ASB) the height of 4m and the second station was set at a height of 2m. The data recorded were pressure and temperature where we calculated the relationship between the different rates of temperature and distance between the two stations where the distance is 20 km. For the heat of C_(T )^(2 )which when finding its value, the value of C_(µ.)^2 and the period was several days represented by a group of atmospheric phenomena and these days are rainy and foggy and clear sky data taken by what was available from measurement at the station. A relationship was found between C_(µ.)^2. With time and also with temperature and atmospheric pressure and difference in temperature for each hour.