Improvement of Voltage Profile Using Practical Adaptive Intelligent Algorithm in Iraqi Electrical Distribution Network


Improving distribution network performance is a motivating task, especially with heavily loaded feeders. The disturbances can directly affect the power quality, it can produce instantaneous voltage dip followed by voltage variation and followed by undesired voltage profile. Finding the optimal solution is a composite difficult task, this is due to network complexity, enormous components, load variation and other factors. To improve the voltage profile of a realistic Iraqi distribution network, a practical adaptive intelligent technique is applied in this work using five strategies inside a genetic based algorithm to investigate all possible successful solutions. It is proved that this technique can overcome the voltage dip and provide the optimal practical decision to improve the voltage profile and hence power quality. Five heavily loaded practical 11kV feeders is digitized, analyzed and finally studied. An optimal switch mode and conductor modifications are achieved, the results are applied to the network successfully creating an improved voltage profile.