The Role of Green Human Resources Management in Achieving Sustainable Development


The research aims at clarifying the role of green human resource management practices in achieving sustainable development. The research problem is that the health sector is less concerned with environmental aspects, specifically green human resource management practices, Which are reflected on sustainable development with their economic, environmental and social dimensions as well as reducing costs, waste minimization and recycling, And the research started from two main hypotheses to explore the correlation and influence between the variables of the research by analyzing the answers of the research sample, which included (136) employees of the Al-Imamein Al-kadhemein medical city, Data and information were collected using questionnaire, interviews, as well as field presence of the researcher, and the data were analyzed using the statistical program (SPSS-V.19) And a set of statistical methods such as global analysis, arithmetic mean, standard deviation, coefficient of variation, and correlation coefficient ( Spearman ), And the simple linear regression equation. The main findings of the research are that the Al-Imamein Al-kadhemein medical city takes into account some acceptable green human resource management practices, thus enhancing the possibility of environmental protection to improve the health services provided to the visitors and create a healthy atmosphere free of pollution, As a result of the weakness of their awareness of this subject made it lacks documentation and the adoption of the academic concepts such practices, And the most important recommendations that came out of the research need to increase the attention of the management of the Al-Imamein Al-kadhemein medical city linking the compensation and incentives provided to the workers with green practices in order to motivate them and improve their behavior in a manner appropriate to the environment, As well as interest in the social aspect through the increase of programs and courses that demonstrate the importance of the concept of social sustainability and encourage collective action to achieve cohesion, and increase the skills of employees by introducing them in training courses.