Green Innovation and its Impact in Reinforcing Sustainable Competitive Advantage: An Exploratory Study of Opinions of a Sample of Employees in the Karungi group in Kirkuk


The development of the world, and in light of the intensity of competition highlighted the need to research and create a sustainable competitive advantage is sustained from an internal source in the company earned by the scarcity and difficulty of imitation by competitors, and this source is green innovation. In order to achieve the objective of the research, which is the diagnosis and analysis of the relationship between green innovation (in products, processes) and sustainable competitive advantage in the group of companies Kronji, was developed a default model of the research reflects the nature of the relationship and influence among its variables, the research adopted the questionnaire as a key tool for collecting data and information , Distributed to a sample of (94) workers tested using some statistical tools of data collected by the adoption of the program (SPSS.V.24). The research came to a number of conclusions, the most important one which is the green innovation , it linked and has a significant impact on sustainable competitive advantage, The biggest impact was on sustainable competitive advantage after green innovation in products, In view of the above, a number of proposals were presented, the most important of which is the need for the company's management to be concerned with green innovation through the establishment of green training courses to identify the importance of many concepts and standards that serve the environmental orientation, because the environmental trend has become a standard of achieving sustainable competitive advantage.