Comparison of some methods for estimating the parameters of the binary logistic regression model using the genetic algorithm with practical application


Abstract Suffering the human because of pressure normal life of exposure to several types of heart disease as a result of due to different factors. Therefore, and in order to find out the case of a death whether or not, are to be modeled using binary logistic regression model In this research used, one of the most important models of nonlinear regression models extensive use in the modeling of applications statistical, in terms of heart disease which is the binary logistic regression model. and then estimating the parameters of this model using the statistical estimation methods, another problem will be appears in estimating its parameters, as well as when the number parameters , and to find estimate the parameters using the numerical methods, sometimes does not give optimum solution because it depends on the initial estimators. Some standard methods have been proposed and employed after modifying them by using the genetic algorithm approach in estimation to suit the estimation of the parameters of this of nonlinear regression models, and then making a comparison between two types of the important estimation methods including the standard estimation methods which included the maximum likelihood method, minimum chi-square method, and improved estimation methods developed which by the researcher which included genetic algorithm method depending on the technique estimates , genetic algorithm method depending on the technique estimates , to choose the best method of estimation by default values to estimate parameter multi-linear regression model a method ols and then convert values the real to standardized and different samples sizes during simulation and by using the statistical criteria Mean Squares Error (MSE) for estimators. The method is found to be the best one in the first place one among the standard estimation methods, and method is the best among the important estimation methods for the purpose of estimating the parameters for binary logistic regression model because it has less (MSE) for estimators compared to other methods. In the practical side of this study, this model has been used for modeling the own data infected heart disease and estimating the parameters using the method, reached in it by comparing reasons for cases of occurrence death the real with reasons for cases of occurrence death for the estimated to the appropriate model in the modeling of this type of data and extraction the main cause of death is smoking and also the accuracy of the method in estimating the parameters of the model