Impact of Local Investment in Sustainable Development for the Period (2000-2016) Egypt is a model


Supporting investment is one of the most important pillars of development plans in all countries in them medium and long term to achieve sustainable development by raising the rates of GDP growth, creating jobs and modernized technical modeling. This study is aimed at knew the role that the domestic investment can be to achieve sustainable development in Egypt for (2000-2016) through the use of standard analysis tools to see the relationship between local investment and sustainable development. The study concluded that the increasing domestic investment Egypt in one unit with the stability of other factors win increase in GDP per capita by $ 3.020 Dollar, increase the life expectancy at birth by 9.110 years. As well as increase the average education by 8.270 years. Thus increasing the contribution of this indicator to the sustainable development of the Republic of Egypt In the same amount. The research found that domestic investment in Egypt is an economic variable that has a direct and significant impact on changes in per capita GDP, life expectancy at birth and average life expectancy, which makes it one of the economic and social variables that affect sustainable development. The study suggested the necessity of the political will of most Arab. Union and the necessity of achieving economic and security stability and the existence of local economic regulations and laws that facilitate the capital movement in the Arab countries, and supporting the industrial and agricultural sector to reduce unemployment and encourage manufacturing in industries.