The Role of Producing Economic Activities in the Growth of Total Fixed Capital in Iraq for (2000-2016)


The economic activities produced in particular are of great importance because they have a great role in all economic aspects of the country. This is explained by the old and modern theories about the role of productive economic activities in the growth of the total fixed capital formation because the activity when it is productive contributes to the country's macroeconomic development process. This study aims to analyze and measure the productive activities and their role in the capital formation (investment) of the Iraqi economy during the period from 2000 to 2016. It considered two periods before 2003 and after 2003, which is a major turning point for the Iraqi economy for the US to Iraq and the radical changes that took place in the reality of the Iraqi economy. The standard ratios in this study were calculated between the gross fixed capital formation of the public sector (a dependent variable) and the most important economic variables in Iraq, the economic activities produced (agriculture, hunting and fishing, mining and quarrying, industry, Sector of Construction and Building) And the total savings (independent variables). A set of standard tests, such as the extended Dickey-Fuller test and the joint integration test to test the relationship between the variables. Was used Joint integration to ARDEL. As well as have been used Error Correction Model for the type of relationship between variables in the long and short term using the SPSS.22 program