Design of a Device To Measure Weight Distribution On Both Sides Of The Body And Some Physical Indicators


The objective of the research was to design and test a device to measure the weight distribution of the body and the body indicators resulting from this variation. The researchers have designed the device using a set of digital scales and a range of horizontal and vertical axes through which to calculate and measure the weight of each person The results and the resulting differences in some measurements of physical indicators in the belief of researchers that this discrepancy can lead to damage and health problems and structural of the person, especially the mother's spine and lower back and lower limbs.Results showed that there was a significant difference in the values of weight distribution, knee height, hip height, and shoulder height between the right and left sides of the body, indicating the effectiveness of the device and the possibility of benefiting from it in the early detection of the lack of physical imbalance, which contributes to avoid injuries caused by Physical imbalance and avoid accompanying pain