Hematological and physiological study of the effect of piroxicam in male albino mice Mus musculus


Objective: The current study has been conducted to identify the effect of piroxicam in making hematological and physiological changes in adult male albino mice Mus musculus , the study included counting numbers of red and white blood cells, and the estimation of hemoglobin and packed cells volume concentrations, it also included measuring urea, creatinine and potassium ion concentrations in blood serum.Methods: A total number of (64) adult male albino mice were utilized in the present study, they were randomly distributed into four main groups, the first three groups were orally treated with 0.1 ml of the drug with concentrations of (50,100,150) mg/kg respectively, while animals of the forth group which were considered as control group were treated with 0.1 ml of distilled water, administration were continued for eight weeks, at the end of each period the blood samples were withdrawn for the hematological and physiological studies.Results: the statistical results of the present study revealed significant decrease (P<0.05) in the mean number of red blood cells, hemoglobin concentration, and in the percentage of packed cells volume of the animals treated with (50,100,150)mg/kg for the periods (6,8) weeks in comparison with control group, whereas the statistical results of white blood cells showed a significant increase (P<0.05) of their levels in the groups treated with (100,150) mg/kg for (6,8) weeks as compared with control group. While the groups treated with (50) mg/kg didn’t show any significant changes along the whole administration period, On the other hand, the physiological study showed a significant change (P<0.05) in the concentration of urea and creatinine in the last weeks of administration compared with control group.Conclusion: It is obvious from this study that piroxicam has a remarkable effect on blood parameters that caused a significant reduction in red blood cells, hemoglobin and packed cells volume values, it also caused a significant increase in the number of white blood cells, furthermore the chronic administration of piroxicam had a physiological effect in adult male mice.