Some Physiological Tests For Patients With Cutaneous Leishmaniasis in The Holy Karbala Province


Leishmaniasis is a common parasitic disease that affects dogs, wild rodentsand humans that causes health problems for its effect on the individual's healthand psychology. The disease is transmitted by a disease vector called sand fly.In the present study30 samples were taken from people infected with cutaneousleishmaniasis (12 females and 18 males) and (10) healthy individuals as a controlgroup. The samples were collected from (1/9/2016) to (1/2/2017). The mini Vidasdevice were used to examine the (TSH,T3,T4.GH) and the haemacounter deviseused to count the (WBC, Lymphocytes, neutrophil. Results showed significantdifferences (p≤ 0.001) between males and females, while there were nosignificantdifferences in age... However, the levels of GH, TSH and T3 were significantlydifferent as compared to the control group... On other hand, no significantdifferences in the level of T4 hormone were compared to the control group. WBCcounts were significantly different (p≤ 0.002) as compared to the control group.While, there were no significant differences in the count of (neutrophils andlymphocytes) as compared to the control group. The study found the infection bycutaneous leishmaniasis did not have arisk for hormones levels that measured bysearching with confidence level (95%).