Determination of wastewater pollution in Karbala governorate for the year 2016


The study dealt with a comparative study of some of the determinants of pollution of the incoming water and the treatment and evaluation of the efficiency of three wastewater treatment plants (Al-Nafhan, Muharram Aisha, the Residential Complex) in Karbala Governorate (2016). By analyzing the results of the characteristics of the indicators, we found their differences during the study period, Where water received and treated together recorded values within the permissible environmental determinants of indicators total salts (TDS), and acid function index (PH)(BOD), COD and TSS (except for the treated water of the two plants) were recorded with a value below the limits Environmentally permissible, And Al-Nafhan station recorded the highest wastewater treatment value for the indicators (BOD), (C.O.D), (TDS)} and Muharram Aishah station for the index (T.S.S). While the three stations together recorded a negative value of the treatment of the indicator (PH).


water, pollution, sewage