Studying the effect of Metformin and Enzyme inhibitor drags on the level of aromatase Enzyme in the women have hormone disorder the Kirkuk city


This study included ( 100 ) samples of women used drugs Metformin, enzyme inhibitor in (Azadi General Hospital) (20) blood samples aspirated from healthy women as control sample. The samples were divided into three groups; the first group (40) women used Metformin (have primary infertilits), the second group (40) women used Letrazole (have Secondary infertilits). The third group was the healthy women(control). The results of the study indicated a significant decrease (p<0.05) in the Activity of Aromatase level in Primary infertile women age groups (18-25), (26-35) and (36-45). the results of this study reveal that three is significant decrease in the Activity of Aromatase (p<0.05) in women who have Secondary infertility with age groups (18-25), (26-35) and (36-45). This Drugs causes decreasing the level of the Estrogen by inhibiting the Aromatase Enzyme . The Drugs also called as (Enzyme inhibitor) because they inhibit Aromatase enzyme, This proves that the Letrazole Drugs has an effective role in stimulating ovulation in women who have primary and secondary infertility