Assessment of rabbit mandibular bone response to different amalgam implants radiographically


The radiograghical interpretations can give an excellent indication about the biological response of hard tissue like bone to different foreign materials imp-lanted within it. This clinical study was carried out to evaluate radiographically the bone reaction of four different types of Iraqi manufactured amalgam alloys (in addition to Degussa alloys as a positive control) implanted within holes prepared in the mandibular bone of the rabbit, and additional negative control group in which the hole remained empty without any implanted materials was also included. The evaluation was done by careful verification of the presence or absence of the radiolucency at the periphery of the implanted amalgam at three different time intervals, the response varied from radio-lucency to radioopacity depending on the reaction of bone to different implanted amalgam alloys. Accordingly, the biocompatibility of the amalgam alloy was deter-mined depending on the radiographic pic-ture of bone response at the margin of the implanted alloys. The results showed no significant difference in bone response among the different types of alloy used.