The limits of management authority When applying the principle of functioning of public service to systematically and continuously


The owners of securities (bonds, shares and other securities) must holdBrokerage Contract with the broker in order to investment their securities at stock exchange and there are many obligations which arisefrom this contract up on the parties of contract. These parties may bebreach the contract when the parties unfulfilled their obligations andthat arise a kind of conflict between them. Therefore these parties maybe solve this conflict by friendly way via an agreement directly but ifthese parties cannot find solution to their conflict they must go to the authorized power to make the solution and end the conflict. Thisauthority is an official authority as a committee at stock exchange or the parties must go to the judgment of the country.The research has been divided in to three chapters the first one is to the authority which is specialist in settlement of Brokerage ContractConflicts, the second chapter is to the proceedings of the settlement,while the last one is to the appeal or objective against the decisions of the courts or committees.