Calcareous Nannofossils Biostratigraphy of Aaliji Formation in Well (K- 116), Northern Iraq


Thirteen samples of Aaliji Formation from the well (K-116), Kirkuk area, Northern Iraq, are studied on the basis of the stratigraphic ranges of the recorded calcareous nannofossils for sixty species, the studied section reveals five biozones arranged from oldest to youngest as follows:1.Fasciculithus tympaniformis Interval Biozone (CP4)2.Heliolithus kleinpellii Interval Biozone (CP5)3.Discoaster mohleri Interval Biozone (CP6)4.Discoaster nobilis Interval Biozone (CP7)5. Discoaster multiraditus Interval Biozone (CP8)These biozones are correlated with other calcareous nannofossils biozones from both local and regional sections leading to conclude the age of Middle Paleocene to Early Eocene.