Adrenaline and Nor Adrenaline Effect on Blood Glucose Level in Diabetic Patients


Aims: This study was conducted to find the effect of adrenaline and nor adrenaline containing local anesthesia on the blood glucose level on non insulin dependent diabetic patients. Materials and Methods: Thirty patients were given 1.8ml of 2% lignocaine containing 1:100000 adrenaline as infiltration local anesthesia intraorally, and other thirty patients received 1.8ml of 2%lignocaine containing 0.072mg of nor–adrenaline in the same manner. Fasting blood sugar was measured before the administration of local anesthesia and 30 minutes after the administration of local anesthesia. Results: There were no significant differences in blood glucose level measured before and after the injection of adrenaline containing local anesthesia. However, there were significant differences between the results obtained with nor–adrenaline containing local anesthesia, where there is a significant increase in blood glucose level 30 minutes after the injection of local anesthesia. Conclusions: The administration of anesthesia containing adrenaline has no effect on blood glucose level of diabetic patients. While administration of anesthesia containing nor adrenaline cause a significant effect (hyperglycemic effect) in those patients.