(The level of readiness of teachers of Arabic language and its parameters for training programs during service in Diyala Governorate)


The aim of the research is to determine (( the level of readiness of teachers of Arabic language and their training programs during the service in Diyala Governorate)). The research is determined by teachers of Arabic language and its teachers who have a service less than five years, and who are subject to the training programs organized by the training and training section of the Diyala Education Directorate for my case (Al Khalis and Makdadiya)In order to achieve the objective of the characteristics of the cykometric, and after the application of the tool and the unloading of data and organized and processed statistically by the statistical package for social sciences (spss) The test was used for a single sample in terms of the computed arithmetic mean and the independent testing of two independent samples to show that the level of readiness was low among teachers. It was also found that the level of low readiness in the teachers was more severe than that of the teachers: (Despite the low readiness in general, the Arabic language teachers represent a sharp decline in readiness for training programs) and a number of other recommendations, including: (Adopting the results of this research to start the process of upgrading the training courses for teachers and teachers in general, and teachers of Arabic language and its teachers in particular) A number of proposals were reached, the first of which was: (Conducting research similar to other humanitarian and otherspecialties,and comparing the results with the current research results).