Maze Maneuvering and Colored Object Tracking for Differential Drive Mobile Robot


In maze maneuvering, it is needed for a mobile robot to feasibly plan the shortest path from its initialposture to the desired destination in a given environment. To achieve that, the mobile robot is combined withmultiple distance sensors to assist the navigation while avoiding obstructing obstacles and following the shortestpath toward the target. Additionally, a vision sensor is used to detect and track colored objects. A new algorithm isproposed based on different type of utilized sensors to aid the maneuvering of differential drive mobile robot in anunknown environment. In the proposed algorithm, the robot has the ability to traverse surrounding hindrances andseek for a particular object based on its color. Six infrared sensors are used to detect any located obstacles and onecolor detection sensor is used to locate the colored object. The Mobile Robotics Simulation Toolbox in Matlab isused to test the proposed algorithm. Three different scenarios are studied to prove the efficiency of the proposedalgorithm. The simulation results demonstrate that the mobile robot has successfully accomplished the tracking andlocating of a colored object without collision with hurdles.