Table-Based Matching Algorithm for Localization and Orientation Estimation of Multi-Robot System


In this paper, a new algorithm called table-based matching for multi-robot (node) that used for localizationand orientation are suggested. The environment is provided with two distance sensors fixed on two beacons at thebottom corners of the frame. These beacons have the ability to scan the environment and estimate the location andorientation of the visible nodes and save the result in matrices which are used later to construct a visible node table.This table is used for matching with visible-robot table which is constructed from the result of each robot scanning toits neighbors with a distance sensor that rotates at 360⁰; at this point, the location and identity of all visible nodesare known. The localization and orientation of invisible robots rely on the matching of other tables obtained from theinformation of visible robots. Several simulations implementation are experienced on a different number of nodes tosubmit the performance of this introduced algorithm.