Performance Evaluation of DHT Based Optical OFDM for IM/DD Transmission Over Diffused Multipath Optical Wireless Channel


Optical OFDM based on discrete Hartley transform(DHT-O-OFDM) has been proposed for large-size data mappingintensity modulation direct detection (IM/DD) scheme as an alternativeto the conventional optical OFDM. This paper presents aperformance analysis and evaluation of IM/DD optical DC-biasedDHT-O-OFDM over diffused multipath optical wireless channels.Zero-padding guard interval along with minimum mean-squareerror (MMSE) equalizer are used in electrical domain after thedirect detection to remove the inter-symbol interference (ISI)and eliminate the deleterious effects of the multi-path channels.Simulation results show that the ZP-MMSE can effectively reducethe effects of multi-path channels. The results also show that theeffects of optical wireless multi-path channel become more seriousas the data signaling order increases.