The role of strategic intelligence as a modern entry in Investigation successful strategic alliances: Field research at company Zain Telecom / Iraq


The researcher aims to generate knowledge about the dissemination of strategic intelligence as an organizational culture that has an active role in the success of the administrative work of the organizations and successful strategic alliances, as well as increasing the awareness of the need to rely on modern concepts that will generate the accumulated knowledge and success of the strategic works of any existing organization. What is achieved by obtaining a set of data for the sample of the research that was analyzed and the relationship of correlation and influence between strategic intelligence and strategic alliances, and the research sample consisted of a group of workers at different organizational levels (40) individuals. The questionnaire was used as a tool for collecting information as well as personal interviews of the sample members to prove the researcher's results. The most important finding of the researcher is that there is a significant correlation relationship to all elements of strategic intelligence with Variable strategic alliances The results showed that all components of strategic intelligence have a clear impact on the achievement of strategic alliances.