Building a 3D Petrophysical Model for Mishrif Formation in Nasiriyah Oil Field, Southern Iraq


A 3D geological model for Mishrif Reservoir in Nasiriyah oil field had beeninvented "designed" "built". Twenty Five wells namely have been selected lying inNasiriyah Governorate in order to build Structural and petrophysical (porosity andwater saturation) models represented by a 3D static geological model in threedirections .Structural model showed that Nasiriyah oil field represents anticlinal foldits length about 30 km and the width about 10 km, its axis extends toward NW–SEwith structural closure about 65 km . After making zones for Mishrif reservoir,which was divided into 5 zones i.e. (MA zone, UmB 1zone,MmB1 zone ,L.mB1zone and mB2zone) .Layers were built for each zone depending on petrophysicalproperties. MA(1 layer) ,UmB1(6 layer) ,MmB1 (8 layer) LmB1(6 layer) andmB2(5 layer) Petrophysical models (porosity and water saturation) had beenconstructed for each zone of Mishrif reservoir using random function simulationalgorithm. According to data analyses and the results from modelling, the MB1zoneis a good reservoir unit regarding its good petrophysical properties (high porosityand low water saturation) with high presence of oil in economic quantities