Misunderstanding of Meaning As A difficult problem For The Novice Translator In Arabic-English Translation


The novice in translation, especially from Arabic into English, is facing a lot of problems at the moment. One of them is to misunderstand the meaning of a sentence in his own language, i.e. a beginner in translation tries to understand something in a Sentence wrongly and this will be reflected negatively in meaning when to change Something either spoken or written from Arabic into English ( khulusi (1982:137) . This problem is related to certain issues and it is significant to avoid these issues so as to make advances in translation techniques. There must be certain limitations on what the study Can be Carried out. Therefore, the study is limited to just some sentences in Arabic and not all whose their meanings are difficult to understand and their reflections when translated from Arabic into English. It is hypothesized that misunderstanding the meaning of a Sentence is regarded as a chief problem in translation which Can be Conceived in both Arabic and English; yet it is realized differently. The way of understanding the meaning seems to be much important In Arabic than to be in English. In English this matter may be less difficult than in Arabic. This point may have an essential role in showing the absolute difference between Arabic and English. In Arabic Misunderstanding of meaning can include different aspects which lead to a major drawback in meaning which can have a reflection on Meaning in both Arabic and English. There are different ways to investigate this title but it is necessary to do research into five points only as follows: Meaning and translation, Servile translation, word, nature of language, and a number of words. A limited number of Sentences are chosen at random with their interpretation to test the validity of the Mentioned hypotheses. The basic findings arrived at are as follows : (1) it is possible to identify the points which cause the meaning to have defects : (2) Seven sentence are selected at random to be our data and (3) Misunderstanding the meaning Can be a difficult problem when to translate from Arabic into English unlike the English ones which Can be understood easily .