The Importance of Syntax in Pragmatics


The Arab rehetoricians suggested that syntax can have an important role in pragmatics whereas syntax and semantics are generally interdependent. Therefore, there must be a strong relationship between pragmatics and syntax and consequently this approach is regarded as a new method in linguistic analysis of a linguistic structure (Annajar (2010:87) . It is hypothesized that Arabic syntax only specializes in diacritical remarks and that is the aim of syntax but this Concept is realized differently. This fact seems to be much more significant in Arabic than to be in English. Moreover, this idea is quite different from that of English . Some sayings in Nahjulbalagha (نهج البلاغة) are chosen at random with their interpretation to test the validity of the mentioned hypotheses . The basic findings arrived at are as follows :(1) it is not significant to understand syntax just on the basis of diacritical remarks but syntax may include other aspects than this task, (2) six sayings are taken randomly from (نهج البلاغة) to be our data, and (3) The importance of syntax in pragmatics seems to be clear in several ideas while English Grammar can be exchanged for syntax very often. Moreover, Arabic syntax can be understood easily unlike the English ones which cannot be realized easily and undergo many difficulties to be conceived well .