The Unfulfilled Desire in Eugene O'Neill's" Desire Under The Elms": A Critical Study


Desire Under the Elms is one of the significant American plays that sheds lights on the importance of dream and desire for the Americans at that time . O'Neill draws his characters carefully trying to show their aims to reach their goals and desires. O'Neill builds his drama in an expressionistic and realistic mood to highlight their blind search for fulfilling their plans and intentions. The current paper tackles three main characters of the play entitled " Desire Under The Elms" because the other characters have less or no significant role in comparison with the main three characters. The paper is divided into three parts according to the importance of the characters. The researcher is going to analyze , evaluate and elaborate the behaviours , the motives and the actions of each of these characters reaching his aim which is to determine which desire is severely violated and unfulfilled. Each of the characters has his own deadening desires that triggers his mind and heart to follow. According to the paper the father's new wife who is the lover of her step son is the one whose desire is ruthlessly destroyed and unachieved because of her eagerness and incestuous appetite to capture each and everything which is of course impossible . She would lose her son , her husband and everything she dreams of to be under her possession for the sake of her lover.